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See what military bases, corporations, universities and high schools are saying about Jared...

​“I feel very fortunate that we were able to get Jared to talk to us.  He totally blew me away. I knew what his presentation was about, but he goes so much deeper than ‘don’t drink and drive.’  He goes into reaching goals, overcoming obstacles and overcoming suicide and depression … I felt like he was able to reach so much more of my formation than I originally anticipated.”

Captain Elizabeth Bell, commander of Company D at Fort Riley U.S. Army Base



“He has the strongest story of resiliency I’ve ever seen,” McAden said. “He was able to tell his story and keep it light despite the truth behind everything. I think it’s good to see someone who has been affected by a DUI, so soldiers can see how selfish it is and how it does not just affect them.”

Sargeant Jennifer McAden, Company D, 2nd GSAB, 1st Avn. Regt., 1st CAB, 1st Inf. Division at Fort Riley U.S. Army Base

“In my fifteen years in education, I have NEVER seen a speaker engage high school students as effectively as Jared did.  Jared not only tells his story of how drunk driving changed his life, but he also conveys life-lessons that can be applied to the challenges of others.  He has certainly overcome adversity with absolute dignity and has a powerful message to share."
Mary Pat Becker, Teacher/Former Student Council Sponsor, Hesston High School
“On behalf of the Soldiers, Family members and Community members at Fort Riley, Kansas, I would like to take this opportunity to express  my sincere appreciation for your inspirational and compassionate delivery of what may very well be to some... a life-saving message.  Your presentation is informative, captivating, and very powerful, while delivering a lasting message."
William J. Clark, Colonel, US Army, Garrison Commander
“I have known Jared Estes since arriving at McConnell AFB in his role as an honorary commander and later as a McConnell supporter and guest speaker.  Jared has had a positive impact on the whole base and on me in particular.  He is a fine example of a courageous warrior and I believe that his message will have a positive impact on any group or individual who hears it."
Thomas J. Riney, Colonel, USAF
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