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Jared has a very unique story to tell -  from the high school athlete who married his high school sweetheart, to the nightmare of waking up on fire and the struggle afterwards to piece his life back together...  


Your audience will not be the same after hearing his story.



  • Putting Others in front of decisions

  • Alcohol awareness & Addiction

  • Suicide

  • Perseverance

  • Drinking and driving

  • Overcoming tragedy / loss

  • Setting goals

  • Using your team / network

  • The power of a positive attitude

  • Forgiveness

a message FOR many AUDIENCES
  • US military groups (Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy)

  • Keynote speaker for Conventions

  • Corporations or Businesses

  • College & University Students

  • High School Students

  • Churches & Youth Groups

  • Summer camps

  • Athletic teams

  • Correctional facilities

  • Any group desiring to motivate and instill positive thinking

Speaking-related accomplishments

  • Honorary Command Chief at McConnell Air Force Base

  • Certificate of Appreciation from the Army for outstanding support to Soldiers, Family members and Department of the Army Civilian Personnel of the 1st Infantry Division, and Fort Riley, Kansas, during the Suicide Prevention Stand Down.

  • Code Black Award

  • Recognition Award for guest-speaking at the 1st Annual Steer Clear Program

  • Recognition Award for generous sponsorship / guest-speaking at the 2nd Annual Steer Clear Program

  • Inspirational speaker since 2007

Jared's unique presentation has inspired thousands of people across the nation.

When Jared delivers his presentation, it is clear that he is not just delivering a speech.  He makes a point to re-live the grueling nightmare that involved years of emotional and physical struggle.  But, through that journey, he was able to find himself by focusing on others.  Jared tells the source of his strength throughout his recovery and today.


Jared's delivery style is so unique and open with the audience.  He interjects his natural, witty humor with short stories at just the right time.  The audience will be struck with tears, laughter, and more importantly - a heart change.

Jared gives a sincere unfiltered re-telling of his experience that will help everybody who hears it FIRE BACK in their own life challenges.

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