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Jared has a very unique story to tell -  

From the football athlete who married his high school sweetheart -  
to the nightmare of a fiery car crash that took his beautiful wife away and left him with 3rd degree burns on the majority of his body.
Your audience will not be the same after hearing his story.



  • Embracing Your Current Life!

  • Putting Others in front of Decisions

  • Alcohol Awareness & Addiction

  • Suicide

  • Perseverance in Adversity

  • Overcoming Tragedy / Loss

  • Setting Goals

  • Using Your Team

  • The Power of Your Attitude & Thoughts

  • Forgiveness


  • US Military (Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy)

  • Keynote Speaker for Conventions

  • Corporations or Businesses

  • College & University Students

  • High School Students

  • Church & Youth Groups

  • Summer Camps

  • Athletic Teams

  • Correctional Facilities

  • Any Group who wants to Encourage their Team


Jared's unique presentation has inspired thousands of people across the nation.

Many people have reportedly gained insight that helped them break out of their suicidal thoughts and destructive behaviors.

From countless military men and women to numerous high school students -  the direct positive impact on audiences has been astounding.  The issues that people are battling vary, but the symptoms are often similar - depression, loneliness, hopelessness - leading to compounding challenges to manage & enjoy life.

Jared gives a sincere unfiltered re-telling of his experience and offers practical tools that he uncovered - so the audience can use them to FIRE BACK in their own lives.

I have known Jared Estes since arriving at McConnell AFB in his role as an honorary commander and later as a McConnell supporter and guest speaker.  Jared has had a positive impact on the whole base and on me in particular.  He is a fine example of a courageous warrior and I believe that his message will have a positive impact on any group or individual who hears it.

Thomas J. Riney, Colonel, USAF

In my fifteen years in education, I have NEVER seen a speaker engage high school students as effectively as Jared did.  Jared not only tells his story of how drunk driving changed his life, but he also conveys life-lessons that can be applied to the challenges of others.  He has certainly overcome adversity with absolute dignity and has a powerful message to share.

Mary Pat Becker, Teacher/Former Student Council Sponsor, Hesston High School

He has the strongest story of resiliency I’ve ever seen.  He was able to tell his story and keep it light despite the truth behind everything. I think it’s good to see someone who has been affected by a DUI, so soldiers can see how selfish it is and how it does not just affect them.

Sargeant Jennifer McAden, Company D, 2nd GSAB, 1st Avn. Regt., 1st CAB, 1st Inf. Division at

Fort Riley U.S. Army Base


In 2007, Jared realized that speaking is part of his God-assigned purpose - which has ignited a true passion & life mission to share his story with others.  His unique offbeat delivery style will leave a truly unforgettable impression on your audience.  His witty humorous stories balance out the heavy content, keeping the audience fully engaged - sparking laughter, tears and fuel to FIRE BACK.

  • Honorary Command Chief at McConnell Air Force Base

  • Certificate of Appreciation from the Army for outstanding support to Soldiers, Family members and Department of the Army Civilian Personnel of the 1st Infantry Division during the Suicide Prevention Stand Down

  • Code Black Award

  • Recognition Award at the 1st Annual Steer Clear Program

  • Recognition Award at the 2nd Annual Steer Clear Program

  • Motivational Speaker since 2007


Photoshoot with Jeff Vespa

Photo shoot with Jeff Vespa

Removeable Ear

Photo shoot with Jeff Vespa

Fun at camp with young burn survivors!

Fun with young burn survivors!

Jared getting dunked on by a young burn survivor!

Jared and airman.

A soldier (SPC Schafer) stationed at Fort Drum, New York shows off his new tattoo, the words “Fire Back” tattooed across his forearms. In his message he said he did it "to always remind myself and those around me to never stop fighting the good fight. Someday I want my children to ask me what that means and I will tell them about you and everything you have accomplished and tell them that no matter what never stop and never give up."

Jared shared his story as part of the series at NewSpring Church in Wichita, KS!

Jared does a 12 mile ruck march with soldiers at Fort Riley

Jared speaks to soldiers in a hanger

Jared completed the ruck march with the soldiers in 2:52 - 8 minutes under the required time allowance!

Jared tells his story as part of a unique Veteran's Day Event at the Greensburg Kiowa County Media Center

Picture of Jared used in the 2013 Wichita Eagle news article. (photo by Travis Heying)

Jared is back in the burn center with his incredible removable ear!

Jared's prosthetic ear (image used in the Wichita Eagle).

Jared goes on the air at 97.1 BOB FM with Cathy Carrier!

Jared speaks to captivated soldiers at Fort Riley.

Jared speaks to his hometown's high school students in Bucklin, KS.

Jared gets to talk to the soldiers after speaking at Fort Riley in 2011.

Jared speaks to Burlington High after a mock disaster car accident.

Jared gives the speech at the Prairie Fire Marathon pre-race pasta dinner - 2013.

Jared with Yates High School students after giving a speech.

Jared receives a check from Job Corp. to go to the Paige Estes Memorial Foundation to thank him for his impactful speech!

Jared and Brad Streeter on the air with 100.5 the Wolf!

Playing with big-boy toys at Fort Riley post-speech.

Jared speaks at Job Corp Graduation.

Jared with several men after speaking at Job Corp. in Manhattan.

Jared with a group of girls after speaking at Wabaunsee High School.

Jared speaks at Norwich High School in 2013.


Jared's friends staying in the Via Christi Burn Center to support Jared after suffering from life-threatening 2nd & 3rd degree burns

Friends at the Benefit Concert - to support Paige, Jared and their families

Lead singer of King Me and friend of Jared and Paige singing at the Benefit Concert to help pay for Jared's medical bills.

Pictures at Paige Estes' funeral

Jared with friend Luke before the accident

Jared at the basketball game homecoming night

Jared on Homecoming evening

Paige announced the Homecoming winners

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