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Jared FIRES BACK in his life by recovering from his injuries, running marathons, raising money for positive causes, and delivering his message of hope and healing.

Jared running his 2nd marathon! #GrandmasMarathon #Minnesota #MindOverMatter #FIREBACK

Jared speaks to the athletic teams at High Point University in North Carolina. #GoPanthers #FIREBACK

Jared with students after a mock disaster to show the realities of car accidents. #FIREBACK

Eating lunch with some of the airmen after speaking at McConnell Air Force Base. #FIREBACK

Jared: "I have been privileged to serve as Honorary Command Chief for the past year under Chief Kaleth Wright. We just had his farewell luncheon at the base as he is leaving this week to spend a year in Afghanistan. The man has a true passion for training tomorrow's leaders and genuinely cares for the airmen he commands. The world would be a better place if there were more people like him in it, and it's comforting to know people like him are on the front lines protecting my way of life."

Jared got to be part of the 20th Anniversary Celebration of McConnell Air Force Base with Congressman Pompeo, Senator Roberts, and Colonel Carlton (shown in the picture). Colonel Carlton's advice and encouragement played a huge role in Jared's decision to speak full time. #FIREBACK #Gratitude

Jared hugs the principal of Maize South High after his presentation. A big thank you to RUN2BELIEVE for sponsoring this opportunity! #FIREBACK #RUN2BELIEVE

Jared spoke at Code Black as one of his first speaking engagements. It was a wonderful event put on by the Sheriffs Departments hoping to instill road safety into students. #WichitaEagle #CodeBlack #FIREBACK

Jared gets to share his story with soldiers at Fort Riley. #FIREBACK

Jared and the Paige Estes Memorial Foundation sponsor the annual Fun Run as part of the Prairie Fire Run, with proceeds going to the Via Christi Burn Center. #FIREBACK

Jared running his 1st marathon, after doctors said he may not walk at one point. #FIREBACK #AnythingIsPossible #JustDoIt

Before speaking as a full-time career, Jared donated the money he earned speaking to the Paige Estes Memorial Foundation. Most of the proceeds of the P.E.M.F. help Jared/Paige's hometown Bucklin, KS. Jared is now starting a new Non-Profit Foundation that will help a variety of people dealing with difficult circumstances - in particular, families, students, military personnel, and burn victims. #FIREBACK

Jared endured many hours of intense and painful physical therapy to get his body back to functioning condition. He is so grateful for his physical therapist and friend, Mike Reynolds, for all of his patience and compassion. #FIREBACK #PushThroughThePain #ViaChristiRehab #MikeReynolds

Jared speaks out at a news conference as part of the legal trial. #FIREBACK #BeBrave

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