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Fort Leonard Wood Guidon Newspaper

Jared makes front page news in the Guidon newspaper in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri after leading a race and speaking to troops. (May 7, 2015)


Butler Times Gazette - "Rotary hears story of the life of Jared Estes"

Wichita Eagle - "Tragedy drives man to inspire others"

"Estes gets seat of honor at Royals game" - Buck O'Neill seat story

Buck O'Neill seat story - Kansas City Royals

Running article in Via Christi Life

Pratt Tribune - "Firing back from Tragedy"


Salina Journal - "Lessons learned from a tragedy"


Butler County Times Gazette - "EHS speaker shares story of perseverance" - Jared speaks to Augusta, KS students

Wichita Eagle - Code Black event to prevent vehicle accidents

Naked City (p. 17)

Naked City news article (by Steph Barnard, photos by Josh Dutcher)

Fort Riley article - 2012

Wichita Eagle - Code Black article

Valley Center article - 2009

Valley Center article picture of Jared speaking

Via Christi Rehab article picture

Via Christi - Rehab article

Wichita Eagle news conference article, 2006

Wichita Eagle- News Conference article 2006

Sunflower article- King Me concert to help Jared Estes pay for medical bills, 2005

Paige Estes article

Wichita Eagle- Jared and Paige before the crash

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